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Joel Phillips Family

Head of Wilson Creek Gorge, NC



   Debbie Greene Wellmon




     Jacob Abee
(March 10, 1795 - November 6, 1872

Born in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to pioneer Andrew Abee and wife Barbara.  The family moved to Old Burke ca 1801.  Jacob married Elizabeth (last name unknown).  They had ten children.  Jacob is buried at Smart's Grove Baptist Church in Burke County.  



   Roy Abee


Henry Coy McGimpsey
(May 8, 1898 - December 28, 1978)

The youngest child of Riley Rufus McGimpsey and Christian V. Moore McGimpsey.  Born at Pleasant Hill on the Linville River, Fonta Flora.  Married Jettie Crisp on November 5, 1918. They were the parents of  six children.

 Photograph taken on his wedding day.    


Nettie McGimpsey McIntosh



Jettie Crisp McGimpsey
(March 4, 1899 - November 9, 1978)

The fifth of eleven children born to Edward Crisp and Annie Ervin Crisp of Glen Alpine, NC. Married Henry Coy McGimpsey on November 5, 1918. They were the parents of six children. 

Photograph take on her wedding day.  


Nettie McGimpsey McIntosh



The Rev. Walter Hughson

Became the Rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Morganton in 1901. He and his wife Mary Herbert Hughson expanded the missionary work of the church and played a major role in the formation of Grace Hospital that opened its doors on August 1, 1906. He and Dr. Edward W. Phifer, Sr. were the incorporators of the hospital in 1908.   


Grace Episcopal Church




Morganton High School Hi-Y Club
1927/1928 School Year

Morganton High School was located at 400 College Street.

Left to right:
Front row:  Alfred Smith, Dick Kibler, Rodney Bogle, Carroll Hoyle, Conway Rhodes. Huffman McCall.

Middle Row: Debanese Avery, Walter Lane, Bennett Sparks, Ned Phifer, Julius Smith, Van Shuping, William Sparks, Robert Perkins, Winifred Patton, Ed Hairfield.
Top row: Otis Arney, Jim Darby, Julius Cuthberson, Vernon Denton, Clifton Avery, Professor E. Oscar Randolph, Ed Connelly, William Patton, Clark Erwin, Thurman Lingerfelt.    


NC Room,
Burke County
Public Library


Arthur Cyrus Chaffee
(October 10, 1876 - October 21, 1962)

Born in Camptown, PA to William Luther and Martha A. Fuller Chaffee. He played an instrumental role in the development of Morganton Furniture Company. He was its  first superintendant and was its president when he retired in 1941.  He then became chairmen of the board. He first married Eleanor Hurst of PA who died in 1934.  In 1935, he married Florida Fleming Wiley "Spot" who was a widow.  Mr. Chaffee was active in business and civic  affairs.  He served as President of the Board of Trustees of Grace Hospital for over 20 years. He was named Morganton's Man of the Year in 1951.


R. Douglas
Walker, Jr.


Aunt Nancy Jones (1856-1943)
Holding Nan Fleming Jeter (1905 - 1991)

Aunt Nancy Jones was born in Burke County, NC
and lived near Magnolia her entire life. She served as a midwife for many years.

Photograph taken June 13, 1905 by Charles Gilliam, Morganton



R. Douglas
Walker, Jr.


Burke County Transit Company Employees
Morganton, NC

Burke Transit Company was started in 1941 by J. Ed Butler. When it began operations, it had 3 buses.  The company's garage was located on South Sterling Street. The company grew to about 23 buses and had 35 employees.  It served all of Burke County and Newland in Avery County.  The company folded in 1955.

Photography by Greene Studio 



NC Room,
Burke County
Public Library



Morganton Graded School - Men's Basketball Team
ca 1922

The school was located on the southeast corner of South Green and East Meeting Streets.  Razed ca 1970.  The Burke County Courthouse is on the site today.

Betty W.


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